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I believe that people have many and divergent reasons for not pursuing and ascending to the pinnacle of their lives. Many people will find themselves in lives they never planned and now feel stuck without an escape route.

I think the escape route is up!

When you look up to the life you know is the one for you, and you’re flummoxed on the way to get there, I believe that I can help you to carve a path to your true life. And, even if looking up and imagining seems so hard, and the change so unlikely, we can take the turtle steps together to climb that mountain!

It’s not about ‘fixing’ you but rather awakening you to the potential and the possibilities that you can find within you. I am just alongside you for the ride to facilitate this incredibly powerful process. You hold the power within to reveal your path and your willingness to open up and explore new paradigms, will determine your progress!

For individual coaching I can offer a range of options.

I offer a full twelve session course where we can explore the entire scope of your essential self and to uncover some limiting beliefs that are distancing you from your true self. We will discover what energises you and would make you happy, and what makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. 

I also offer a two to three session course which is sometimes more suitable for people who might have had counselling or coaching before. It is sometimes just a tweak or a nudge needed to redirect you to reveal your true course.

I also offer ongoing coaching, in person at session rooms, or online via Skype or via email, if we find that that might be more suitable. I have discovered that some clients prefer the comfortable, casual feel of coaching in a coffee-shop and I offer that as well.

All sessions are held with complete confidentiality.

Contact me if you would like to find out more details.

As coaches, when we partner with coaches to deliver a service, the experience and lessons learned are magnified exponentially!
- for both coaches AND clients!...

These partnerships have something amazing for you.

My friends - collaborations set to inspire! 

Watch this space to find out about the next Collaboration!

Speaking of which, the thing about sales…

In whatever role you want to refer to it; be it sales person, or a relationship manager, or an account executive, or an account manager, or a sales rep, or sales consultant, or business development manager, or sales executive or sales director. It is all about the same thing. The sale is the exchange of services, solutions, goods or assets between two parties for money. On reflection, without really appreciating it, I have been in sales in one guise or other for more than 16 years!

My true calling and passion in life is coaching. The buzzword nowadays is 'life' coaching. I do indeed still call myself a life coach. I was trained by Martha Beck, one of the most phenomenal people I have ever had the privilege of meeting! My drive as a coach is to work with people to identify what their true desires are and then map out paths for their journey to that true self. I call it a ‘Zenith’. It is the pinnacle of who you are and who you were meant to be and is your route to pure happiness.

I do not believe in sales that a system, or a script, or a set of rules of engagement can lead to success. Sales cannot be a gimmick and cannot be managed parrot style through rote learning.

That is why you need a life coach in sales.

Whether it be telesales, door-to-door, pharmaceutical sales, IT sales, solution selling, banking, insurance, retail, ALL of them rely on making a connection with a client or customer no matter how long the engagement!
- It could be a lifetime or a phone call.

But, you must have a connection and a relationship with your buyer for that exchange to happen. If you can make a connection you’re nearly there, in your sale. 

Here is the marriage of my coaching and sales. In order to find your true desires and manifest your true passion and in doing so develop methods for meaningful relationships and the ability to make connections, you need to know yourself.

A coach who can help identify your true self, can also help to awaken your true sales person. We can map out your journey and accompany you on your path to happiness.

Happy, centred, actualised sales persons who know themselves and know how to be connected to the world and the people around them, are going to be successful sales persons!!

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